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Who are Green Text?

Green Text is trading name of TextAnywhere* and was formed in 2010. Made up of experienced, dedicated individuals who were inspired to create a ‘lighter’, ‘simpler’ ‘no frills’ SMS Marketing service. Because of this affiliation Green Text is able to offer a secure delivery platform, high quality Text service, which extends to all budgets.

So who doesn’t love high quality but low cost?

We believe that our service delivery quality, coupled with charging you no more than 3.6p to send a text to a UK handset, represents exceptional value for a high quality service.

Please do try our services, free of charge, and let us know what you think. Get Started

We are direct…

To ensure the highest quality of text message delivery is achieved, we only send our messages through UK operators such as Vodafone and O2. Unlike some SMS providers, we don’t send your messages overseas first only to be delivered back to a UK handset. The message cost would be lower, but your message would be delayed, lost or even deleted elsewhere!

We keep it hush hush…

We respect the privacy and confidential nature of both your account details and that of your recipient data. The contacts to whom you send your messages to, and receive messages from, are your contacts. We will never pass on or sell these contacts to any third party.

This is why we have a strict Privacy Policy, we respect our obligations under the Data Protection act, and we are registered with the Data Protection registrar.

Security is our forte…

We provide a highly secure environment for you to access and store your confidential data. All internet access to your account is conducted over a Verisign-encrypted SSL connection. You can add a PIN to messages you send to us by email. You can also lock your account down to internet access from only one or more specific IP addresses. Not only this, our services are designed for businesses and public sector organisations, not consumers, and are hosted on a business-grade managed platform within Rackspace data centres. Our infrastructure is robust, reliable, and managed on a 24 x 7 basis in both the UK and the US.

We are Green Text for a reason…

We are Carbon Neutral

Need Help or advice?

We want you to get the very best out of every Text you send, and have the expert knowledge to advise you how. Our Team of Text specialists are here to help with any questions you may have on the service. Contact Us

Green Text is a trading name of *TextAnywhere Ltd. TextAnywhere is part of the Stericycle Communication Solutions family. At Stericycle Communication Solutions we deliver a range of global communication-based services and technologies that improve the way organisations engage with their customers.