devSMS - Fully documented online SMS API

Code samples - HTTPS - Web service - SMTP service

Our free of charge devSMS service provides developer partners with a range of documented interfaces, which enables text messages to be automatically sent within the partners' applications and web sites.

We support the following interfaces:

Web Service

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None of our interfaces require you to embed any software, DLLs or our objects, nor any third party, in to your application. Each interface is fully documented, with code samples and service tests available online.

Each interface supports the sending and receiving of messages, with delivery receipts provided back to you (to a nominated URL or by email) automatically.

All of our messages are sent through UK operators such as Vodafone and O2 to ensure that every single delivery achieves the highest quality of service throughout.

Green Text interfaces and what you can do:

Multi-part messaging

Send an SMS of up to 918 characters in length, in simple terms that 6 whole parts as one long text !


Send an SMS with your company name (sender ID) this can be up to 11 characters in length

Message replies

Receive replies for free to a web page, an email or ‘poll us” with the Web Service

Web Service

You can send messages to up to 1000 people in one ‘method’ call.

Free testing

Send test SMS for free by sending fake uncharged messages.

Language support

You have the ability to send messages in GSM or Unicode characters. This supports all languages and writing systems !

Remember, our devSMS Toolkit is free of charge which means that you just pay for the text packs purchased securely online.

For more details on the available methods, parameters, code samples, and service tests, please visit our Developer Centre.