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Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 have a built-in capability to send text messages through their Outlook Mobile Service, known as OMS.

To make use of this function, you just configure Outlook 2007/2010 to send text messages through the SMSoms service.

To compose a new text message within Outlook 2007/2010, you simply select the “New Text Message” option (accessed from the drop-down menu next to “New”), select your recipients, enter your message, and press “Send”.

You can choose to send your choice of 11 characters with the text message as your Sender Id, or you can opt to enable the recipient to be able to reply to your message. Replies are returned back to your email address.

In addition to sending text messages, SMSoms can also be used by Outlook to remind you of appointments, update you of Outlook notifications, and forward emails to you as text messages.

As Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 OMS have a built-in text service, no additional software is required from us. You just need to tell Outlook to send your composed text messages through the SMSoms service.

SMSoms provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Send text messages to one or more recipients directly through OMS.

  • Choose recipients by clicking on the “To” button and selecting your contacts, just as you would for email.

  • Set your Sender Id to your choice of up to 11 characters.

  • Receive replies back to your email.

  • Receive the delivery status of each message recipient as an email.

  • Schedule messages for later delivery.

  • Forward email messages to your handset as text messages.

  • Have Outlook 2007/2010 notifications sent to you as text messages.

  • Receive your calendar schedule and appointment reminders by text message.

  • Messages are sent from Outlook to us over a secure HTTPS link.

  • No software needs to be installed within Outlook.

  • Messages are charged at a maximum of 3.6p per message.

SMSoms is free to use – you just pay for the messages that you send by purchasing message packs securely online. There are no setup, ongoing or hidden costs.

Free Trial - Instant Setup - Max 3.6p per Message