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With SMScontact you send SMS text messages to contacts that you have created and stored within your online address books.

You can create any number of address book groups and then add your named contacts in to those groups either manually, or through an upload facility. You can also create templates for commonly sent messages.

Address books and templates can be shared, if you wish, with any number of users that you add to your account. SMScontact provides you with a Global Address Book, for all users to share and access, and a Personal Address Book for each user to store their contacts in.

Once you have selected your recipients, entered your message, and chosen whether to send your Sender Id with your message or enable the recipients to be able to reply to your message, you then either send the message or schedule it for later delivery.

SMScontact provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Create and manage contacts in personal and global address books.

  • Set your Sender Id to your choice of up to 11 characters.

  • Send messages to one individual, members of a group, or an entire group.

  • Choose to send either regular or extended length text messages.

  • Receive replies back to your handset, email, or an online inbox.

  • Schedule a message for later delivery.

  • Create templates that are accessed by you and your user colleagues.

  • Set the length of time a message should be tried for, before expiring.

  • Check the delivery status of each message recipient.

  • View your online interface in the language of your choice.

  • Send messages in multiple languages.

  • The only charge is for the messages that you send, at a maximum of 3.6p each.