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SMSbroadcast - conduct high volume, text message marketing campaigns by sending text messages to recipients listed in an Excel spreadsheet.

SMSbroadcast enables you to send a personalised text message to a large quantity of recipients stored in a spreadsheet and send the campaign during the day. SMSbroadcast is a bulk SMS marketing service.

Bulk sending

Save time and send text messages to multiple numbers

Schedule or send immediately

Schedule & spread messages to go when you want


Receives replies into your Green Text account

Multiple languages

Send messages in multiple languages

Personalisation options

Personalise messages using a sender ID i.e. your company name

Reporting tools

Download detailed reports of all sent and received messages

With Green Text we have a quick 3-step process for sending your bulk SMS. Simply select your spreadsheet, enter your message and send the text message campaign.

As well as sending your campaign immediately or scheduling it for later, you can spread the campaign out over the course of the day.

Spread your campaign over a period of time, smoothing its delivery according to your timing and available resources.

Personalise each message too! For example, if the recipient phone numbers are in column one of the spreadsheet and their first names are in column 2, then the message can be personalised with “Hi John” (by selecting column 2). Each of the phone numbers in your spreadsheet is formatted, and our system automatically removes any duplicate numbers, ensuring only one message is sent to each handset.

Send any size of SMS campaign with your spreadsheet containing just a few recipient numbers or tens of thousands of numbers.

Messages per Pack Message Cost
(excl. VAT)
Text Pack Cost
(excl. VAT)
250 3.6p £9.00
500 3.6p £18.00
1,000 3.6p £36.00
5,000 3.6p £180.00
10,000 3.5p £350.00
25,000 3.4p £850.00
50,000 3.3p £1,650.00
100,000 3.1p £3,100.00
250,000 2.9p £7,250.00
500,000 2.7p £13,500.00