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Suggestions of how your organisation can benefit with SMS


How to communicate with your customers once they have ordered from you/your online store.

  • SMS confirming order creation
  • Notify via SMS if order on hold for any reason
  • Send a text message when an order is on its way
  • SMS to politely advise that the order was cancelled for any reason, ie. a payment didn’t go through
  • SMS confirming a refund – some orders will be returned so alleviate a possible angry customer by letting them know their refund is on its way. They will appreciate the service and will most likely return to shop with your business

Healthcare – hospitals, GP’s, dentists and opticians!

6.9 million outpatient hospital appointments are missed each year in the UK costing on average £108 per appointment. Use SMS for appointment confirmations and reminders. Reduce costs, improve communication and stay in touch with patients and staff alike with text messaging. Here are just a few ways to use SMS within the healthcare sector:

  • Send an SMS confirming appointment and send a follow up text reminder the day before to reduce missed appointments
  • Help patients to remember to take their medication
  • Improve patient communication - e.g. test results
  • Promotion of health campaigns with embedded links and contact numbers
  • Send motivational text messages for support groups such as weight loss, smoking and alcohol
  • Use dedicated text back numbers to advertise in health campaigns
  • Increase surgery/clinic efficiency


With busy lifestyles parents, can struggle to find the time to read a letter or check their emails. However, as 98% of text messages are opened in minutes, people are much more likely to open and read them. A few ways :

  • Inset day reminders
  • Truancy notifications
  • Notification of child's poor health or sickness
  • School closure information
  • After school club notices
  • Parents evening appointments
  • Homework prompts
  • Non-uniform day reminders
  • Exam and coursework results
  • School event invites and reminders


With increasingly busy lifestyles the distinct possibility of missing important dates including appointments, expiry dates and delivery notifications is a real issue. Overlooking a date can be very costly if this is related to your car’s MOT, tax, insurance, servicing, parking permits or warranty. Adopting a text service can solve these common problems.

  • Send SMS for MOT or servicing reminders
  • Send updates on new car releases
  • Send updates on any special promotional offers
  • Send a text message when the car is ready to collect to save time on will phone calls

Estate agents

As the property industry is highly competitive, utilise this direct form of communication quickly and effectively:

  • Send SMS confirmations for viewing confirmations or appointments such as surveys or EPC appointments
  • Send text messages with URL links to relevant property matches
  • Create a listing for your clients to be notified regarding relevant 'open house' events to attend. With Green Text you can upload your contacts, segment them into different groups and send personalised bulk reminders!
  • Get move managers to update their clients with text message updates on the house move status
  • Allow estate agents to communicate with their clients with two-way text messaging, avoiding wasting time with telephone calls


Having people turn up to elections are important for councils to make sure everyone’s vote is collected:

  • SMS can be used to remind people of election dates and update on results
  • Text messages can be sent to remind people to register to vote and include a URL link to complete this
  • SMS can be used to send out any important local updates. Councils and MP’s always want to hear the public's opinion
  • Various departments from the council can use SMS to update people on their application for housing benefit, appointment reminders, school application updates etc


Banks, insurance firms and loan/mortgage providers, can all use SMS marketing to keep in contact with existing and potential new clients:

  • Banks can keep account holders updated about any recent transactions or changes to their account via text message
  • Loan providers can schedule bulk SMS reminders when their customers’ next payment is due and send any follow-up messages if the customer fails to take action
  • Banks can send out SMS promotional updates on special offers they may have tailored to the account holder, such as credit card or mortgage deals
  • Mortgage providers can send SMS updates on the progress of your mortgage application
  • Finance companies can send SMS appointment confirmation and reminders

Spas, hairdressers and beauty salons

  • Send SMS appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Advising client base of a special beauty treatment that’s discounted for the month
  • Use SMS to promote a new product i.e. a new shampoo offered on a special price
  • Send special beauty event invites via text and get clients to confirm attendance by texting back


Here are a few ways in which vets can use SMS marketing to their potential with their clients

  • Sending health check up reminders for pets
  • Sending a SMS reminder for when medication is due (worming/conditioning)
  • Confirming appointments via text and the option to reschedule

Event planning

Event planning can often take months of hard work and organisation, so having access to various methods to simplify the process makes everyone’s life easier! SMS is one of the most effective tools that can be used to contribute to making your event planning easier. Below are a few ways to incorporate SMS to ensure your event is well attended and runs as smoothly as possible!

  • Festival organisers can send ticket information i.e. when the tickets will be available for purchase or when a gig / concert has been announced
  • Confirm last minute details – say rain is forecasted, send a quick SMS to consumers to bring rainproof gear!
  • Gain feedback on the event and keep them updated about future events (they can opt out as necessary).


The recruitment industry is a highly competitive industry to make sure they position the right candidate in the right timeframe for their clients. SMS marketing can be the perfect solution to enable recruitment agencies to find and place the perfect candidate. 90% of recruitment agencies have claimed text messaging has helped their business grow. Over 340,000 people in the UK have already opted into receive weekly communications from recruitment agencies.

  • Send new job vacancy updates via SMS
  • Contact suitable candidates discreetly who may not able to communicate at work via SMS
  • Update candidates on the progress of their application
  • Send questionnaires via text message - getting candidates to reply back with their answers
  • Send important documents via SMS by including a URL link
  • Confirm interview dates and reminders via SMS, wishing candidates “good luck”

Even if your business doesn’t fall within the above categories, the principles are the same to increase your business efficiency. Effective and direct communication is key to retaining customers and increasing sales. SMS provides this simply and cost-effectively.