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SMSmail enables you to send SMS text messages from any email system by simply sending an email to us.

You simply compose an email, with the subject and body of the email being the body of the text message, and send it to one of our email addresses, with the recipient’s phone number before the @-sign.

SMSmail is not tied to any specific email system and can be used to manually send messages from your desktop email, or as a means to send out messages automatically from a third-party application.

You can choose to send your choice of 11 characters with the text message as your Sender Id, or you can opt to enable the recipient to be able to reply to your message. Replies are returned back to your email address.

The security of SMSmail is provided by us verifying that the sender’s email address is registered on your account as well as locking down your connection to us by IP address. You can also use an optional PIN with each message for added security.

In addition to authenticating on the full email address, we can also authenticate just on the domain name, if IP lockdown security is enabled. This is relevant where you have numerous email addresses that might send emails, and creating a user account for each user on your Green Text account is just not practical.

SMSmail is free to use – you just pay for the messages that you send by purchasing Text Packs securely online. There are no setup, ongoing or hidden costs.

Free Trial - Instant Setup - Max 3.6p per Message

SMSmail provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Send text messages to one or more recipients directly from any email system.

  • Set your Sender Id to your choice of up to 11 characters.

  • hoose to send either regular or extended length text messages up to 918 characters in length.

  • Receive replies back to your email.

  • Receive the delivery status of each message recipient as an email.

  • Send a PIN with your email to add security to your email message.

  • Use domain level authentication with IP lockdown, as an alternative to user level authentication.

  • Use the service to send text messages automatically from within applications that can send emails.

  • Messages are charged at a maximum of 3.6p per message.