Text messaging solutions for every industry, large or small

Send text online - Bulk SMS online - Send SMS via email

With each of our web and email-based applications, you can send SMS text messages to one or more recipients, and receive replies back, if you wish to.

Our web-based applications SMScontact and SMSbroadcast enable you to login securely through your internet browser and send text messages to any number of recipients easily, quickly, and cost effectively.

With SMSbroadcast you can spread the sending of your SMS campaign over the course of the whole day, rather than sending all the messages in one go, helping you to have a manageable and consistent level of response.

Our email-based applications SMSmail and SMSoms enable you to send text messages from any email system, as well as providing a specific service for clients wishing to use Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010's Outlook Mobile Service to send out their messages.

All of our applications are free to use – you just pay for the messages that you send by purchasing Text Packs securely online. There are no setup, ongoing or hidden costs.

Free Trial - Instant Setup - Max 3.6p per Message

Each of our applications supports the following facilities:

  • Support for extended messages of up to 918 characters in length.

  • Set your own Sender Id (Originator) for each sent message.

  • Receive replies to your sent messages.

  • Check the delivery status for every sent message.

  • Send messages to recipients located in over 230 countries across the world.

  • Support for anti-spam legislation by enabling recipients to opt out from receiving future messages from you.

  • Send messages to landlines as well as mobile handsets.

  • Add any number of users to your account free of charge.

  • Purchase packs of messages securely online.

  • Run daily and monthly usage and delivery reports.

  • Manage and control your account through an online administration panel.

  • All messages are sent through UK operator partners, such as Vodafone and O2.